Hi, I'm Rob. A Computer Science graduate who has gained experience in a variety of programming languages through my studies and projects. My interest in technology is matched by my passion for audio production and sound design, a hobby I've been dedicated to for years. I'm currently looking for opportunities that will allow me to strengthen my skills as a developer. If you're in need of a developer who brings a blend of coding expertise and a creative mindset to the table, I'd love to connect and discuss how I can contribute to your team.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

John Carroll University - Graduated December 2023

Relevant Courses: Data Structures and Algorithms, Database Systems, Object Oriented Programming, Design Patterns, Web Design, Intermediate Data Science, Discrete Mathematics, Models of Computation, Cloud Computing, Networks and Cybersecurity.


Technical Skills

Java, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, R, Pandas. C++, C#

Soft Skills

Communication, Teamwork, Problem Solving.